The Father, the Son and the Spirit?

The videos in this section answer the following question: Who is the Father? Who is God? Who is Yahweh (LORD)? Who is Yeshua (Jesus)? Who/what is the Spirit?

Do we really truly understand who the Father, the Son and the Spirit are according to the Bible? Or do we just think we know based on what we are told in church? Do we understand the extent of their power and majesty? Do we fully understand the purpose of the Spirit?

The following videos will walk you through the Bible – with complete context and detail – and shed light on who the Bible says that the Father, the Son and Spirit are.

Warning: This information may not be the same as what you learned in church.

(Videos are produced by Rabbi Steve Berkson of Messianic Torah Observant Israel (MTOI, I am not affiliated with MTOI in any way. I have found his teachings to be true to the Bible and I desire to share what I have learned with others.)