The Fear of Yahweh

One of the things that God requires of His people is for them to fear Him. Not necessarily a life-threatening fear – although He could drop any one of us dead at any moment – but an awe, reverence and respect for who He is. Over and over again He told His people to fear Him. But why? Isn’t God supposed to be all-loving? Why should we fear a loving God?

Job, David, Solomon and Micah understood that “the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom.” What does that mean? What does fear have to do with wisdom? We need to understand why God desires and demands our fear so that we can grasp just of little of His magnificence. The following videos will shed light on what it means to fear God, and how that leads to wisdom.

“And now, Israel, what does the LORD your God require of you, but to fear the LORD your God, to walk in all his ways, to love him, to serve the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul, and to keep the commandments and statutes of the LORD, which I am commanding you today for your good. Deuteronomy 10:1213

(Videos are produced by Rabbi Steve Berkson of Messianic Torah Observant Israel (MTOI, I am not affiliated with MTOI in any way. I have found his teachings to be true to the Bible and I desire to share what I have learned with others.)